Knoxville installs new sculpture in downtown Country Music Park

 Dogwood Arts is excited to announce the installation of “Renegade” by Chakaia Booker in Country Music Park (204 S. Gay St.) on Thursday, June 28th at 10AM. Booker received a B.A. in sociology from Rutgers University in 1976, and an M.F.A. from the City College of New York in 1993. She gained international acclaim at the 2000 Whitney Biennial with It’s So Hard to Be Green (2000), her 12.5 x 21 foot wall-hung tire sculpture. She has exhibited in group and solo exhibitions nationally and internationally.

The sculpture joins nineteen other pieces spread throughout the greater Knoxville area to complete the 12th annual Art in Public Places exhibition, presented by Dogwood Arts. Local residents and visitors will be able to view this unique, annually rotating exhibit in downtown Knoxville, McGhee Tyson Airport, and Oak Ridge through March of next year. Booker fuses ecological concerns with explorations of racial and economic difference, globalization, and gender by recycling discarded tires into complex assemblages. For her, the varied tones of the rubber parallels human diversity, while the tire treads suggest images as varied as African textile designs. The visible wear and tear on the tires evokes the physical marks of human aging. Equally, Booker’s use of discarded tires references industrialization, consumer culture, and environmental concerns.

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