Knoxville Composer William Wright Releases ‘Salt Mass’


William Wright’s previous releases, under the moniker Senryu, set the tone for a story waiting to be told. Salt Mass: A Hookland Suite is inspired by David Southwell’s “Phoenix Guide to Strange England: Hookland” — inviting anyone to be apart of the Hookland universe. The guide is up for community use — as long as credit is given. Hookland is built around the idea of psychgeography and brought to reckoning by David Southwell.

In the liner notes of Salt Mass: A Hookland Suite Southwell remarks;

“Hookland is ghost soil. Territory where the borders between fact and fiction, this world and those of the ether, are as fluid as the blurred salt line of estuary where river becomes sea. A place like all others – real or imagined – built up from layers of memory, layers of story. To explore it is to walk a minefield where you risk setting off not stored explosion, but the trapped spirits within you. In this way, The Salt Mass works for me in exactly the way I always hope my Hookland material works for others. It is of the county in not just mood, but intent. In it summoning the spectres that always lie below the surface.”

Grammy-nominated Wayne Bledsoe adds;

“Wright chose one town in Hookland County, Spitstone, as the subject for this new work of five short movements. “Salt Mass” is exactly what you might expect of music for these only-real-in-your-mind people who live in this town by the sea. It’s beautiful. It’s gentle. It’s mysterious and sometimes even ominous. It’s bathed in fog that melts away as the day goes on.”

“Salt Mass: A Hookland Suite” released on June, 28 2018 via Gezellig Records. It is available now here. Limited edition sheet music for each piece, featuring additional liner notes from Southwell are also available.


1. The Black Windmill

2. Stella Maris

3. The Blessing of the Boats

4. Swans Coming Ashore

5. The Wedding of the Fathom Brides

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