Things we know about Tennessee as it heads into the postseason

Here’s what we know about the Men’s Tennessee basketball team heading into its final regular season game.
photo by Bill Foster
-Tennessee is 22-7 overall and 12-5 in conference. Auburn is 24-6 overall and 12-5 in conference. TN plays Georgia Saturday at 6 for a sold-out out home game. Auburn plays South Carolina at 3:30 on Saturday in Auburn.
– A tie in the standings affects SEC tournament seeding but not the conference championship so if both teams win, then they are co-champions but in the SEC tournament, Auburn will be the number one seed and TN the number 2. If TN wins and Auburn loses, TN will be champion. We will know the score of the Auburn game by the time TN tips off.
– Both teams are two games ahead of Florida so they will finish in first and second no matter what. Should both lose, they are still co-champions. Should Auburn win and TN lose, TN would be number two in the conference and in tournament seeding.
– The SEC tournament is in St Louis and starts next Wednesday with two games on Wednesday and four games on Thursday. No matter what happens tomorrow, TN has a double bye and will play on Friday March ninth. If they are the one seed, they will play at 1 pm on ESPN. If they are the two seed, they will play at 7 on SEC Network.
– The NCAA Tourney selection bracket comes out Sunday, March 11th.  TN is currently ranked 16th with an RPI of 12. Most projections are that they will be a solid three seed in the West or Midwest region. It is possible they could move up to a two with a strong SEC tournament. A one is probably out of the question. Well, unless the FBI nuclear bomb goes off and then ANYTHING is possible.
– And, let’s not forget how young this team is. The ONLY senior on the team is James Daniels, who transferred in this year after leading the country in scoring at his previous school. The core – Williams and the guards – are all sophomores while Alexander and Schofield are juniors. With a couple good pickups, the sky is the limit for the next couple years on Rocky Top.

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