Local Arts Non-profit Cattywampus Puppet Council to host 2nd Annual Community Arts Giant Puppet Parade

On Saturday, May 26th, Cattywampus Puppet Council will host its 2nd annual community arts giant puppet parade, The Appalachian Puppet Pageant, in East Knoxville in partnership with multiple community groups. This year the parade will conclude with a post-parade party from 1-4:30pm at Chilhowee Park in partnership with The Muse Knoxville and Carpetbag Theatre, featuring live performances and art-making/play activities for all ages. The parade will kick off at 12pm, with a final route to be announced in late March.

The Appalachian Puppet Pageant is a community giant puppet arts parade. It will bring together members of all ages and backgrounds to celebrate and share their stories through the visual and performing arts and will feature puppets of up to 12ft tall. Community members will craft individual and collaborative pieces, and create a living, breathing art exhibit in the streets of East Knoxville. Participation in the parade is free and open to people of all ages. This year’s parade theme is “Our Roots, Our Power.”

To prepare for the Appalachian Puppet Pageant, Cattywampus is holding a series of workshops on giant puppet construction, geared towards adults and teens who want to facilitate a giant puppet build for the parade with their classroom, community group, friends, or family. The first workshop will be held at Cattywampus’s studio in The Emporium Center on March 25th and two additional workshops will be held on April 5th and 17th at the Muse Knoxville. Registration opens for these sliding scale workshops on March 2nd. Resources for learning how to build ¬†giant puppets for the parade can also be found on the Cattywampus Puppet Council website. The group is also looking for volunteers for the day of the parade, as well as donations of supplies and financial support. Information about workshops, donating or getting involved with the parade is available on the group’s website at http://cattywampuspuppetcouncil.com/appalachian-puppet-pageant/

Cattywampus Puppet Council is a registered non-profit corporation in the state of Tennessee and is fiscally sponsored through Community Shares. Cattywampus gathers and imagines stories inspired by nature and the human experience in the South East to bring people together. Through workshops, public art, performances, and parades, Cattywampus seeks to promote play and community-based storytelling as integral to our individual growth and the health of our communities. More information about Cattywampus is available at http://www.cattywampuspuppetcouncil.com.

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