Karma Classes Taking Over in April at Glowing Body Yoga & Healing Arts

Glowing Body Yoga & Healing Arts, the longest operating drop in yoga studio in Knoxville is providing a unique opportunity to the yoga-curious and yoga enthusiasts alike for the month of April. Karma classes are taking over the schedule — meaning 50 classes a week will be offered, by donation, to the public. Glowing Body Yoga & Healing Arts has offered a small selection of pay what you can weekly classes, affectionately dubbed “Karma classes,” since opening in September 2008.

“When students are donating, I feel more sensitive to the investment they are making to be there,” states Kim Lomonaco, studio co-owner and long time teacher at Glowing Body. “For some students, it is a big deal to pay for a weekly yoga class, and I always feel honored when they entrust us to better their lives, plus this gives people who want to try it a chance! We welcome all abilities of yoga student.”

What does Karma Month mean for students, both new and returning? For the entire month of April, students can pick their price for nearly all drop in classes at Glowing Body. Does this mean classes are free? Not really. Consider this a social experiment. When you walk in to take a class, you will be asked to provide a donation, instead of being told the price. The expectation is that the generosity of some students will supplement the restrictions of others.

Teachers will still make what they need to sustain their teaching, while barriers will be eliminated for would-be students who cannot afford regular price. Additionally, the proximity to end of school year is not an accident. Teachers and students trying to make it through finals may see this as an opportunity to better manage associated stress.

Anyone familiar with yoga knows there are philosophical underpinnings that promote compassionate service and universal accessibility to yoga’s teachings – and thus, its benefits. Though yoga has become a giant for-profit industry, in stride with other booming health and wellness services and products, most yoga teachers have a heart for teaching that means more to them than income.

Though Karma Month will only last for April, students facing challenges paying for classes may appreciate the 10+ weekly Karma classes. Glowing Body has been a hub for wellness since its opening. Classes are not the only thing at the Glowing Body, visit www.glowingbody.net to learn more.

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