Support Strings for Spring at the Joy of Music School

Text JOM to 20222 to Provide Strings for Spring!

We aim to replace ALL OUR INSTRUMENT STRINGS in time for the kids to perform at this year’s spring recital — all 278 strings. (Yes, we did the math.) But time is short.

We need your help. The staff will replace all the strings. The kids will learn all the songs for the recital. You have the easy part!

Simply text JOM to 20222 and you’ve paid for one string! Ten dollars is added to your mobile phone bill with each text, and the Joy of Music School receives 100% of the money. Then the kids will have Strings for Spring!

We want all the instruments re-strung before the spring recital, and we need time for that, so Strings for Spring only lasts until February 28!

So, please text JOM to 20222 right now, and then tell everyone you know! You’ll help some great kids make some great music! One string at a time!


Do you like details? Here they are:

We seek to replace 278 individual strings. That’s violin, viola, cello, bass, guitar, ukulele, electric guitar, and electric bass strings. The average cost of a fresh new string is $10. Some are much higher, others are lower. But you get the picture.

So, at 278 strings at $10 each, our goal is $2,780.

Timing is key. For us to get these strings purchased and replaced by the May recital, we need donors to underwrite the costs (that’s you and your friends) by February 28(the text-to-donate goes away after that). Then we need to order the strings. And, of course, then we replace the strings on all those instruments! That all takes time. So, yeah, let’s wrap this up in February.

On average we need to rack up ten strings per day in February to surpass our goal by two strings. Then we can get some beautiful tones on the spring recital, which is set for May 5, 2018 at the Scottish Rite Temple, at 2pm. We like the sound of that, and we hope you do too!

So just pick up your phone, text JOM to 20222 and you’ve done it!! Oh, and tell your friends! Team up and restring a whole guitar! You can give every day for the whole month if you like! Let’s hit that goal. We don’t want to leave any kids out! Thank you!!!

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The Joy of Music School is a nonprofit organization providing free music lessons and instruments to hundreds of financially disadvantaged, at-risk children and teens in Knoxville, Tenn. All individual lesson teachers, over one hundred-strong, are volunteers.

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