Megan and her Goody Goodies launch first album campaign

Megan and her Goody Goodies are currently kickstarting their debut CD, Come and Get It Honey.
This vintage swing band specializing in music from the late 1930s and early 1940s, and – they’re recording this album live at The Studio (on Charlotte in Nashville, TN) with an audience of live dancers and using a vintage console and ribbon mics with which to do the recording.
Megan Lange & the Goody Goodies • KidTee Hello Photo
“Essentially, my goal with the whole project is to produce a swing record that brings back all of the warmth and energy of those vintage recordings. That hasn’t been done much lately, so I’m excited to make it happen,” says Megan Lange, leader of the band.
Information about the project is below.

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