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Created in 2011 by local musicians in honor of Wayne Bledsoe’s son Andrew, Waynestock has become the premier showcase of Knoxville’s local music scene with two (and on some years three) nights of some of the area’s best musicians. Don’t get out much? It’s a feel-good celebration of why Knoxville’s local music is special all in one great weekend and it only costs $5 per night. Waynestock 2018 will be held on Feb. 2-3 at Relix Theatre. The line-up will be announced soon.

Women In Jazz Jam Festival

Female jazz artists are showcased and appreciated in this now yearly festival. The primary focus is on local and regional artists. The 2018 festival will be held on March 16-18. More details are expected soon.

Big Ears

The Big Ears Festival has been praised by the New York Times, Rolling Stone, The New Yorker and all manner of musicians as one of the best music festivals in the world. It’s held in the best and most comfortable venues in Knoxville. Big Ears is filled with the envelope-expanding artists in the world, everything from classical to bluegrass to jazz to rock, and also some of the most beautiful, challenging and fun music you’ll ever hear. Go once and you’ll understand why it brings people to town from all over the world. Big Ears 2018 will be held March 22-25 and will feature jazz greats Medeski, Martin and Wood, sitar wizard Anoushka Shankar, avante garde guitar great Arto Lindsey, and a special Appalachian appreciation headed up be Bela Fleck and Abigail Washburn.

Rhythm N’ Blooms

What better way to celebrate spring than with a huge music festival that transforms the Old City and surrounding areas into one happy vibe? Rhythm N’ Blooms usually concentrates on rock and Americana, but there are plenty of other styles tossed in as well. There are outdoor stages, indoor stages and surprise shows. Internationally known artists and local acts are both showcased. Rhythm N’ Blooms 2018 will be held April 6-8.

Record Store Day

Record store day has turned from simply an appreciation of independent record stores to a full-blown celebration. Lost and Found Records on Broadway always has a full slate of bands performing all day long. Record Store day 2018 will be held on Saturday, April 21.


This yearly celebration of South Knoxville, held at the historic Candoro Marble building on Mother’s Day weekend, features a wealth of Knoxville musicians, especially acoustic acts. It’s friendly. It’s funky. It’s a lot of fun. The 2018 Vestival is expected to be held on May 12.

Second Bell Festival

Sponsored by Blank News, the inaugural Second Bell Festival will be held at the new Suttree Landing park on ??? and will feature a wealth of musical entertainment, both local and nationally renowned. Details will be released soon.

Brewer’s Jam

The focus is more on beer than music, but even a teetotaler could enjoy it, because of the quality of bands at the festival.

Kuumba Festival

Held in early summer, the Kuumba festival celebrates African-American culture, but there’s always a wealth of great music.

Scurffy City Film and Music Festival

Held at Scruffy City Hall and Preservation Pub, this yearly event alternates between premiering new films and presenting great music acts.

Louie Bluie Festival

The Louie Bluie Festival is all the way in LaFollette, but the celebration of one-time Knoxville resident Howard Armstrong feels like it’s part of Knoxville. Armstrong played folk, jazz, blues and country music and the festival includes all of it.

Rossini Festival

Now in its 16th year, The Rossini Festival is a celebration of opera, classical music and international culture in downtown Knoxville. The 2018 Rossini Festival will be held on Aug. 11-23.

Sunset on Central

The Happy Holler section of Central Street is undergoing a explosion of creativity and business growth. Sunset on Central, held in early August in 2017 and expected to repeat in 2018, showcases local musicians.


Gogol Bordello at Rhythm & Blooms 2017

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