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By Stevesy Hines

  1. Bob Stoops – Unrealistic, but available. He loved talking smack about the SEC, part of me thinks that maybe, just maybe, the perfect scenario of facilities, resources & competitive nature could stoke a few more years of coaching out of him. To prove he could be the best against the SEC week in and week out, not just in bowl season. I’d make him tell me no multiple times.


  1. James Franklin – Though he wasn’t the first coach to follow the Paterno penalties, the job he’s done at Vanderbilt and now with Penn State, is yeoman’s work. Dude can coach football. Probably not gonna happen.


  1. Scott Frost – Of those I’ve mentioned, he’s the most realistic hire, so far. There are rumors of Florida and Nebraska wanting him. Maybe he wants to stay in the state of Florida. As a Nebraska grad, he may prefer to go to his Alma mater, but why risk tarnishing your legacy? He’s played for legendary coaches (Walsh, Osborne, Parcells, Belichick, Gruden). He’s obviously smart and learned every step of the way. Early in his coaching career, he was CO-DC of a top 5 defense at the FCS level. He then went to Oregon…to become an offensive coach. This guy knows football, both sides of the ball. HIRE HIM!


  1. ‎Dan Mullen – He has done good work in the SEC West. It’s slightly concerning that he’s not dominated a single coach/opponent as a head coach. I.E. Butch being 0 for Muschamp. Needing to bring top talent to Starkville, MS could have something to do with that. He’s a good coach, good recruiter and he would be a safe, solid hire.


5a. Jon Gruden – I kinda just want to see the dog catch the wheel, here. The fan base has been clamoring for this for so long, it would be entertaining to see the administration say, “here ya go.” I think he would recruit well. I think he would be a good coach. I think we would pay a hefty price for a coaching staff that would also be teaching him the college game as we go.


5b. Justin Fuente – Blacksburg, Virginia seems like a really good place. Following Beamer’s long tenure, I doubt he makes the jump.


5c. Matt Campbell – He’s a little risky. I told myself when making this list that I wanted a proven coach. Butch looked decent when we hired him, but he had the benefit of following Brian Kelley everywhere until he arrived at Tennessee. Campbell’s lineage isn’t great and he wasn’t earth shattering at Toledo. He didn’t do well in his first year at ISU, but he’s knocked off two top 5 opponents this year. That’s two more than Butch did in 5 years. And his 4 losses this season are by 24 total points. He’s hanging with every opponent this year.


5d. Jeff Brohm – He’s unproven (with my coaching requirements). He did well at Western Kentucky following Petrino. Going 4-6 his first year at Purdue doesn’t ignite excitement, but this is Purdue we’re talking about. They never have talent. And his 6 losses on the season are by a total of 36 points. He’s hanging with everybody…at freaking Purdue.


5e. Mike Norvell – He also fails my proven coach requirements, as he’s following Fuente. But it seems like he’s got something going on in Memphis. Hate to miss on both he and Fuente, should we call this far down the list.


tl:dr – Hire Scott Frost the day his season ends at UCF.

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by TJ Reynolds

1. Gruden for his offensive mind and NFL experience winning a Super Bowl and would crush it in recruiting.

2. Dan Mullen for his SEC experience and defensive mind.

3. James Franklin because dude can flat out coach.

4. Scott Frost, a young up and comer with aprolific offense. He will go to his alma mater Nebraska.

5. Jim Bob Cooter for his name and offensive mind. Ole Coot will be a NFL coach soon

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