Glowing Body offers new teacher training, healing massage program

Visit the Glowing Body at 711 Irwin Street off of North Central Avenue in North Knoxville.

North Knox yoga studio continues educational series

An oasis for the ancient practice of yoga, the study of movement and healing, can be found in our very own backyard in North Knoxville. I sat down with the most recent owner of the Glowing Body, Kim Lomonaco, to chat about how she came to own the practice and about what’s new for the studio.

Lomonaco started teaching yoga while in college in North Carolina. After moving to Knoxville to attend graduate school, she found the Glowing Body, which at that point in time was in need for an instructor. Later a manager was sought; even later, it was in the market for a new owner. After being in the fold for nine years and having had a son in 2015, Lomonaco was presented with the opportunity to buy the studio by its former owner. She found a business partner in Kelly Scott, a massage therapist who previously ran DragonFly Thai Yoga Massage Studio, and they decided to combine their talents and co-own the Glowing Body.

The beautiful space is located on North Central Avenue near downtown Knoxville. Skylights and bamboo floors open the studio to light, natural beauty and, hopefully, enlightenment. Drop-ins are always welcome, and the studio, which offers classes seven days a week, serves beginners and well-practiced ‘yogis’ alike. Power yoga, Ashtanga vinyasa yoga, hatha yoga, alignment yoga, ropes wall yoga, Dharma yoga, and yin yoga are just some of the regular classes you will find at Glowing Body. Lomonaco and Scott also offer a variety of bodywork modalities – Ashiatsu, Thai yoga massage, craniosacral, Reiki and more – in their comfortable environs.

Advice for yoga beginners: If you’re interested in hitting the mat, find a skilled instructor/class with/in which you can feel relaxed. The Glowing Body’s beginner classes provide clients with all necessary supplies so that those practicing can do so safely and effectively. As for etiquette, in a very general sense, exhibiting common courtesy to the teacher and those around you is key. Arrive early, stay through the whole class and keep cell phones on silent (or at least not next to your mat) so that you (and everyone around you) can achieve the full benefits of the session.

So what’s new at the Glowing Body? If you are looking to deepen your practice, the immersion course is great for any person interested in yoga as a means to better his/her health and well-being and to learn more about the practice. It provides a really comprehensive and intensive understanding of the practice, and it helps to foster habits that are good for both your body and your mind.

Lomonaco and Scott also offer yoga teacher training; anyone who wants to become a teacher can go through their 200-hour certifying course, which serves as an extension of the immersion program. This is the first year they’ve offered the course in this format, and they’ve put a lot of thought into the way they are presenting it, as it’s really a new concept for the Knoxville area.

Another new happening is the expansion of their massage services, which offer continued education to professional therapists practicing the art of self-care. This is a great opportunity for massage therapists earning their required CEs, yoga instructors looking for safe assisted yoga stretching techniques or individuals and partners interested in learning techniques to relieve common pain and tension resulting from the everyday stresses of life.

Regardless if you’re a novice, an advanced yogi or a massage therapist, the Glowing Body has a class, style and program for catered specifically to you. Visit the studio or check it out online at now. Namaste.

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