Knoxville’s Finest: 2016 BLANK Readers Poll

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It’s that time of year again, neighbors.

The way to do it: In order for your vote to count, please fill out at least 40 categories. You’ll be asked for your name and email at the end of the survey. These all must be valid for your submission to count. We love all of East Tennessee, but for the purposes of this contest, please keep the entries within Knoxville.

Not the way: Don’t stuff the box. Each human gets one entry. If any ballot is fraudulent in any way, we will toss it. Fill out entries that make sense in each category. A band shouldn’t be your winner for best Sushi, for instance.

Most of all, have fun celebrating your town. The deadline for voting is April 12th.

Editors Note: Due to the urging of our readers, we’ve added a slot for Metal/Industrial/Heavy Band to the list of options under Entertainment. If you’ve already voted for a band that fits this criteria under the “Rock Band” category, we will be happy to move it to the new category without you having to do a thing. Votes for “Best Band” will remain where they are.


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