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Skytown Riot's "Soul or System" PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Alec Cunningham   
Sunday, 27 October 2013 10:57

Budding Knoxville rockers Skytown Riot have managed to go above and beyond expectations with the release of an EP titled Soul Or System. As the band’s second release as a group, this is an EP that suggests great things for the band in the coming years.

The four musicians define their style as “Euroamerican Rock.” Simply put, it’s a sound that combines electronic with rock. These track are peppered with hard rock attributes that are then juxtaposed with electronic and pop characteristics that allow their work to come alive.

The EP, which contains a total of six tracks, finds solid footing at the forefront with the opener “Sensational.” The song begins with a strong introduction of piano and strings that creates an orchestra of sound that soon moves on to include drums and heavy electric guitar riffs.

They’ve thrown a fresh spin to a classic with their rendition of "House of the Rising Sun." This is a version geared much more toward an arena rock sound than its classic rock counterpart. "Runaway Princess" stands out as a track to be remembered. In fact, it has even become the EP’s first single. Though it comes as one of their heavier tracks both instrumentally as well as vocally, the melody ties it all back together, delivering a sound melodic structure. The releases title track comes last and supplies a solid end to the album.

Skytown Riot has delivered a sound that’s like a guilty pleasure for the ears; it’s a palatable, accessible sound that they have opened up to a number of separate genres and therefore a number of distinct listener fan bases. Memorable hooks and riff-driven melodies make these songs ones you’re not likely to skip over or forget anytime soon, and the amalgamation between electronic and hard rock is what really makes this EP stand out.

Their CD release party will be held Saturday, Nov. 16 at Preservation Pub and will feature two guest bands. The EP will be officially available through iTunes and other digital outlets on Tuesday, Nov. 19. This is a group whose music you can’t help but believe will be phenomenal live as well as on tape. If you’re a fan of similar artists such as Breaking Benjamin and Hoobastank, Skytown Riot is a group to add to your play list, and their release party is a show to add to your calendar.

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