SoKnox Studios provides professional recording services

Experienced ownership, quality equipment a boon for local enterprise

Tucked away in the heart of South Knoxville, SoKnox Studios epitomizes the idea of a multi-purpose music and entertainment space. With an easily accessible location along Chapman Highway, SoKnox Studios seeks the flexibility to serve the Knoxville music community in whatever ways it can. Exhibiting exemplary equipment and experienced staff, it functions as a professional-quality tracking space as well as a mixing and mastering facility.

Mark Radice, SoKnox’s creative director, is a three-time Emmy nominee and has written over 5,000 songs for artists including Barbra Streisand, Wilson Pickett and Barry Manilow. He also wrote songs for Jim Henson and Sesame Street for eight years and has performed as a touring musician with Donovan, Cheap Trick and Aerosmith. Radice brings all of his music-business experience to Knoxville and pumps his creativity into the studio with the help of Head Audio Engineer Frank Sheadrick, Jr., who himself toured with the Temptations and who currently plays for local Knoxville band Josiah and the Greater Good.

In an era where home DIY studios dominate local scenes, fully-equipped studios such as SoKnox thrive by providing services that cannot be accomplished in many such smaller operations. SoKnox Studios possesses all the equipment necessary to live track a band in isolated spaces. It features a large live room, a small live room, a drum booth and a vocal booth. It boasts Avalon VT-737sp Class A Mono Tube Channel Strips, among others, and an impressive mic locker featuring Neumann u87s, AKG 1000s, Rode NT2-As and many other microphones of similar quality. With top-of-the-line equipment running into either Pro Tools or Cubase, SoKnox Studios is prepared to handle a variety of multi-tracking situations.

The folks at SoKnox Studios pride themselves on having exceptional artist relationships. They work hard with clients to ensure that they can accomplish their goals within the artists’ stated budgets. Jenna McClelland of the Knoxville/Nashville band Stone Broke Saints recorded her solo project (which she has yet to officially release) with SoKnox Studios and has nothing but praises to offer them. “The staff at SoKnox Studios makes you feel at home, and they’re some of the most professional folks in the industry that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with,” she claims. “They got us in and out and yielded an incredible product.”

In order to reach out to the Knoxville music community, SoKnox Studios hosted live shows last summer on the third Thursday of each month. This brought in local musicians and patrons alike in order to make the local music scene more aware of the studio. They live-tracked these shows and released a compilation of some of the highlights from the summer sessions. They hope to revisit the live show concept because of the benefit of the connections that they made in the local music scene.

While they track, mix and master for artists, they also mix and master karaoke tracks through partnership licenses with RCA and Sony. Usually they outsource for tracking, but they are interested in working with local Knoxville musicians to help track for their karaoke mixes, as well.

While they work in the entertainment field, they exude professionalism on the business front, and they strive for excellence and customer satisfaction in all that they do. When asked what message that he would like to send to Blank’s readers, Sheadrick, Jr. replies confidently. “We are here. We are not just one genre, but [rather] have experience in all musical areas. If you don’t know about us, get to know about us.”

If you have interest in working with SoKnox Studios on your next project or if you just want to hear more about what they do, you can find all of the information you need at their website,

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