A look at day one of Bonnaroo 2017

July Talk • photos by Bill Foster

I am a Bonnaroo virgin. It’s something that my Blank News cohorts for the weekend loved to point out every time we ran into someone we knew. All of the hyped up excitement of coming to my first ‘Roo did not disappoint. Thursday on the farm rocked, and it left me ready and raring to get back out there. -Kent


Ozark, Arkanas’ own Welles was the first band I got to see, and they were an excellent introduction. After a road trip and setting up camp, their brand of gritty, turn-up-the-dang-volume rock n’ roll was the perfect thing to kick things off and get moving. It was down and dirty, rip-roaring guitar rock from beginning to end. Hold on to your butts, because Bonnaroo 2017 is under way. -Kent



Thursday is about discovery at Bonnaroo. If you look back on past lineups, you’ll see former Thursday night acts regularly gracing main stages at festivals around the world. After their outrageously fun set on night one, we wouldn’t be surprised if July Talk follows this trend. It’s indie rock at its finest, and while each member of the band knows their stuff, it was their child-like exuberance and stage presence that truly won us over. -Rusty

The Orwells

As day turned to night, it was evident that the energy level of the crowd was rising. People were still filing into the farm, and the collective anxiousness and buildup released at once like everyone was shot out of a cannon. The Orwells did a masterful job of feeding off of that energy and using it to their advantage. Singer Mario Cuomo jumped about the stage in his short-alls with his long hair flowing back and forth while their powerful, grungy rock lifted the spirits of everyone in the tent, launching the crowd into the rest of the night. -Kent

The Orwells • Bill Foster


Mondo Cozmo • Bill Foster

Mondo Cozmo

Mondo Cozmo was the band I was most excited to see on my first ever day of Bonnaroo, and man, did they ever deliver. Frontman Josh Ostrander mentioned that it was the biggest crowd they had ever had for one of their shows, and they were so clearly into it. That presence and excitement level really made the show something special. The crowd belting the line of their biggest hit “Shine” to the chorus of “Everything will be alright if you let it go,” was an unforgettable moment. Rusty and I have spoken several times this week about how we think Mondo Cozmo is about to blow up and be a household name, and their Bonnaroo set only served as more supporting evidence to that hypothesis.  -Kent

The Lemon Twigs
Hippo Campus • photos by Bill Foster






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