February’s Streaming Recommendations

Monster Factory – Youtube

Get familiar with the brothers McElroy, hosts of over a dozen podcasts including their mainstay Yahoo Answers advice show My Brother, My Brother, and Me. Here, Griffin and Justin exploit your favorite video game’s character building software and explore The Sims, WWE 2K14, and Second Life as the abominations they birth.

It’s a crystallization of the inherent humor video games carry, and its one of the funniest shows you will ever see.

Live and Let Die – Amazon Prime

Celebrate a Bond-slaught of 007 additions with one of the craziest ones in the bunch. This Bond does Blaxploitation flick has it all; caricatures of voodoo culture, a claw handed henchman, a double decker bus chase, and a get away by jumping on alligators. In a series filled with plenty of ridiculous films, this one fights pretty hard for the title, but it’s real fun because of it.

Tickled – HBO

What starts out as a simple exploration into an underground “competitive tickling” sport circuit spirals into something very devious in this surprise hit documentary from last year. Its tag line “It’s Not What You Think” is fitting. Be prepared.

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