Cameron Avery Charms the Teragram

(c) photo by Zackery Michael

Cameron Avery, former touring bassist of Tame Impala and log term drummer of Pond, decided to pursue a solo career in a very different musical direction. The outcome? His debut album Ripe Dreams, Pipe Dreams.

On Tuesday, Avery introduced his vulnerable and heartfelt music to Los Angeles at the Teragram Ballroom. And although he admitted to being equally excited and nervous, his delivery was sincere, confident and quite powerful.

The thing that makes Avery so approachable is that he’s just being himself. No big ego here, no show-off, just a simple human like you and me. He’s not afraid to share his stories and show his vulnerabilities. He is honest. This is someone you can relate to – someone you want to know better.

Imagine you’re five beers and two whiskeys deep and you find yourself at a karaoke bar with your best friend, who pours his heart out through the microphone. That’s the kind of feeling you’ll experience at an Avery performance. And it’s exactly what makes him so charming. He is intriguing and his music is relatable.

It’s the kind of music you’d expect to hear in a Bond movie leading up to a spicy scene with a hot lady, or the music that’s played in an old Sinatra bar, where old men in fancy suits gather over cigars to discuss important turf wars. Avery’s music is timeless and sets a very particular mood.

Avery only has a few U.S shows left before he heads over to Europe to share his music with the other side of the globe. You can listen to his music, purchase his album and find his tour dates on his website

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