White Lung roar through Red Bull set

(c) Paul Carter / Red Bull Sound Select
(c) Paul Carter / Red Bull Sound Select

Let’s just say, Los Angeles is not so happy with the recent turn of political events. We’ve got the blues. And we needed an anger outlet of sorts. Well, ask and you shall receive. White Lung marked the half way point of Red Bull Sound Select Presents: 30 Days in LA and presented a most excellent opportunity to blow off some steam.

The Vancouver-based punk rock band certainly brought the rarrrr out of the crowd at the Resident last night. Jumping, stomping, head banging – whatever rage you needed to get out, it got out. Loud, screaming vocals over even louder drums and guitar riffs quickly lead to a mosh pit galore. Maybe not entirely appreciated by the security staff, but tolerated nonetheless. 

But if rage wasn’t so much what you craved to make yourself feel better, you could always step out for a breather and refill on some sweetness: Red Bull Sound Select offered free donuts inspired by one of the opening artists, Nicole Dollanganger. Um, yum!

But I think overall, we all knew what we were in for. We wanted a little bit of rebellion back in our life. And on that, White Lung delivered. There was no encore because this show was about shaking things up, challenging the norm and breaking some rules. I think we all left a little shook up, a little lighter and a little more fiery that night.

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