Not Your Typical List: Top 10 Lyrics of 2015….so far

As someone who often times has difficulty communicating my thoughts and emotions in casual conversation, I have always appreciated thoughtful songwriting. Most music lovers can connect a song to various life events. While these memories may invoke emotions ranging from joy and humor to pain and regret, they are undeniably meaningful. With that in mind, I decided to take a different approach to the “Top Albums of 2015, so far” concept.

So, this is a list of my favorite lyrics from some of my favorite albums this year…so far.


“I can pin down the minute that I lost my buzz, thought I was somebody nobody could love. Try to keep going but the ride won’t steady, try to get high but your hearts too heavy.”

– Hearts Too Heavy

On track 2 of John Moreland’s 3rd solo album, “High On Tulsa Heat”, he gives us a song with incredible depth while still relatable in some way.

mandolin orange such-jubilee

I’m the keeper of nothing but an old flame. Consuming the shadows, caught in the light. Blinded by hunger and fed to the night. “

– Daylight

This is track 9 on “Such Jubilee”, new from NC based duo, Mandolin Orange. As always their seemingly effortless harmonies on these beautiful lyrics leave you with chills of the best kind.


“If you’re late, be late. Unless you’re dead, just take your time. All you got to do bud is lay off that horn…hey darlin’ what’s wrong with you? I got them less honkin’ more tonkin’ blues.”

– Less Honkin’ More Tonkin’  

New Orleans based country- soul band, The Deslondes, recently released their self titled debut album…it is simply fantastic.


“Somewhere along the way, the dream and the circumstance continued their tortured dance.”

– Somewhere Along The Way

This is a lyric from track 2 of Dawes fourth album, “All Your Favorite Bands”. If you’ve ever struggled with a way to give a peaceful farewell to an old flame while acknowledging the memories you share, give this a listen.


“People die for lesser causes, when the violence of this place starts to spin foam just like the ocean. It’ll get you in the face…don’t shoot the messenger when it’s time to go.”

– Don’t Shoot The Messenger

Sam Cohen’s first album as himself is appropriately titled, “Cool It”. It’s smooth, warming, and honest.


“If there’s a beauty you had seen in me, that I wanted somehow to believe. Drift of sentiment and memory that I could not have, I could not keep. No, it never did belong to me; it was only another thing I’d carry. Still it held me, loyalty, to a feeling, to some glimpse of a love that was only ever a kind of distance that we could not cross.”

– Loyalty

The Weather Station is Canadian singer/songwriter, Tamara Lindeman. “Loyalty” is a memorable album with soft and delicate melodies combined with complex thought provoking lyrics.


“One’s a liar that helps to hide me from my pain and one’s a long, gone, bitter truth. That’s the difference between whiskey and you.”

– Whiskey and You

After 15 years of Grammy-nominated songwriting, Chris Stapleton has released his own solid country album with ‘Traveler”.


“There’s no need to fear me darling, I love you as you are when you’re alone…that’s how you live free, truly see and be seen.”

– When You’re Smiling And Astride Me

While some songs on Father John Misty’s newest record, “I Love You Honeybear” provide an example on how cynicism can be humorous and charming, track 5 is a bare-boned love song.


“Put me on a pedestal, I’ll only disappoint you. Tell me I’m exceptional, I promise to exploit you. Give me all your money and I’ll make some origami honey.”

– Pedestrian At Best

Courtney Barnett’s new album, “Sometimes I Sit And Think And Sometimes I Just Sit’” gives you a fair glimpse of her view on the world and her place in it.


“I can’t trade in my guitar at the pawn shop for a trust fund laptop and a pitchfork review, but why would I want to? That shit is soo…not punk.”

– Not Punk

This is from track 3 out of 4 on Aaron Lee Tasjan’s new EP, “Telling Stories To The Walls”. He introduces this one as a poem/history of a beginning, proving once again, this is a HUGE deal!


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