BLANK’s Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival 2015 Review: Friday

Brownout Presents BROWN SABBATH

brown sabbath

I don’t always stand outside in 90 degree heat at 2pm but when I do, it’s at Bonnaroo and for bands like Brown Sabbath. Most bands try and most fail to cover Black Sabbath, mainly because no one can duplicate Ozzy’s voice or Tony Iomi’s guitar. This  is not the case with this Latin funk outfit out of Austin, Texas. Coming out strong as a nine piece, including a three-piece horn section Brown Sabbath did not skimp on the heavy. Alex Marrero’s voice sounded like a young Ozzy at times and the crowd ate it up, as he barked orders at us “Everyone of you know these songs, let’s hear you.” Stand out tracks included “Sweet Leaf” and the best version of “War Pigs” this side of Faith No More’s version.

Kasey Musgraves

kacey musgraves 2


Royal Blood

Royal Blood 4

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

king gizzard 1

Tanya Tagaq

Tonya Tadaq 2

Tears for Fears

tears for fears2

Kendrick Lamar

kendrick lamar 4
Going in to the festivals lineup announcement, no one had as much buzz as first time headliner Kendrick Lamar. His 2015 release, To Pimp a Butterfly, has garnered massive praise and will firmly be placed in most folks top ten lists come decision time. Still, some wondered if K Dot could live up this massive stage and timeslot. Headlining Bonnaroo isn’t just another bit of ink on the resume. In fact, it doesn’t get much bigger for a show in the Southeastern United States than the main stage at Bonnaroo. So, with a full band and an appreciative smile throughout the performance, Lamar respected the billing and was grateful for the opportunity. Little did we know that Kendrick would not only shine during his time on the What Stage, he would leave the weekend crowned as the King of the headliners, 2015.         -RO

Run the Jewels

run the jewels 3




The Road to Roo:  Hudson K


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