Grand Ole Opry Loses Its Oldest Member

Little Jimmy Dickens

On Friday, January 2, 2014, Little Jimmy Dickens passed away at 94 from a stroke suffered on Christmas day. Dickens was the oldest member of The Opry, beginning in 1948. His death came the day after his 94th birthday. He is remembered for his hilarious brand of humor and  “The Grand Ole Opry did not have a better friend than Little Jimmy Dickens. He loved the audience and his Opry family, and we loved him back. He was a one of a kind entertainer and a great soul, whose spirit will live on for years to come.” Opry vice president and general manager, Pete Fisher told the AP. On December 20th, Dickens performed “Out Behind The Barn,” one of his hits, at The Opry as a part of his 94th birthday celebration. This would be his last performance. Dickens is also credited with introducing the rhinestone suits to country music. “He said that when the lights hit them, the audience would go `Wow,’ ” Dickens recalled in the 2009 interview. “He was 100 percent right.” Blank News would like to thank Dickens for his lifetime of music.

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