Tina Tarmac & the Burns, December 20 @ Preservation Pub

If you have been to a show anywhere in Knoxville since her first show, when Russ Harper snuck her into Vic and Bill’s to see Black Flag in 1985, then you have probably seen Sara Washington front and center of the stage, hair flying around the Rush tattoo on her left shoulder, as she alternately dances and head bangs and exudes an energy and enthusiasm for life that a fifteen-year old would envy.

With a lifetime of playing and loving music, ranging from playing bass with the now defunct Horns of the Headless and Lost Holiday, to playing jazz piano in Rome for three years, it is surprising that Sara is now fronting a band for the first time in her life. That band, Tina Tarmac and the Burns (a name conjured up by Sara’s riding buddy, local scenester Mitchell Green), will release its eponymous five song EP on December 20th. Although Sara is firmly in place as the front woman – Beyonce as her bandmates refer to her – TTB is very much a collaboration. Guitarist Blake Womack and drummer Derek Harvey have both been playing in bands such as Finklestein and Serene Scene for over two decades.

The music starts, says Sara, with Blake coming up with a heavy riff. Sara then puts lyrics to it and Derek arranges it and perfects it. Just as the EP ends with a surprise cover – the Shangria-La’s “Heaven Only Knows” – the band plans to end each show with a surprise cover. However, the emphasis is on the fun, punky originals, played loud and fast and with tongue planted firmly in cheek. Come see for yourself on December 20th at the Preservation Pub. Also on the bill are Just Say Maybe and Madre. 

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